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Gin Fling is your friendly online liquor store

Our mission at Gin Fling is to ensure you can find your favourite drink(s) easily. Get inspiration, great prices and friendly advice.

Easily buy your drinks online

We work to make it easy for you to order your drinks online at Gin Fling. After all, we’re your friendly online liquor store! And remember…. We’re Not Just Gin!

Our product pages offer an insight into your favourite drinks – or something new you might have seen or heard of. The Brand behind the drink. How it’s made. What it tastes like, and of course some recommendations for enjoying them too.

This way you can enjoy your favourite drink easily. But also find your new favourite. Because of this we ensure any new and interesting drinks are added to our range every week.

We also have fantastic offers which are updated regularly. Whether this is one of our market beating Hot Deals, or our branded promotions, or themes based on the time of year. Or simply we offer an amazing price on some of the big brands. We always work hard to make sure that not only are our prices extremely competitive, but that they are relevant to you.

So now you can easily order your drinks online at GinFling.nl. Not Just Gin, but full of classic, and special drinks for lovers of alcoholic drinks in the Netherlands. We make it easy to buy online, with different shipping options. You can pay for your online drink order with PayPal, Credit Card, iDeal or even Shop now and Pay Later with Klarna. And of course, a wide (and growing) range of drinks. We’re so confident that we also offer a no-questions asked return policy of 30 days (if unopened). How many stores offer that?

A wide range of drinks to enjoy

With a wide range of drinks available to buy (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) we ensure there is something for everyone to buy and enjoy in our online liquor store – because not everyone is the same!

Whatever you are looking for, our wide range will surely have something for you. Gin, tonics, whisky, rum, champagne, vodka, tequila and liqueur, we have them. Your usual, delicious and favourite drink, or something special? A gift set, or limited edition? You’ll find these and more at Gin Fling.

Not sure what you would like? Feel free to send us an email, or call. We’re always happy to offer friendly advice. Or try visiting our blog for cocktail inspiration or the history behind some of the brands of drinks. This way we can make your online order of drinks even easier.