The Illusionist Dry Gin

The Illusionist Dry Gin

Embark on a Spellbinding journey of taste with The Illusionist Dry Gin: A Tribute to the Alchemy of Flavour

Unveiling the Magic: The Story of The Illusionist Dry Gin

It started in 2015, when Tim and Max (the magicians behind the gin) came upon the concept they would develop into The Illusionist.

Nestled in the heart of Munich, The Illusionist Dry Gin emerged as a spellbinding fusion of botanical alchemy and imaginative craftsmanship. This blog explores the mystical origins behind The Illusionist Dry Gin, exploring its unique distillation process, the enchanting array of cocktails it inspires, it’s botanicals as well as the mesmerising blue hue that captivates the eye, and the magical essence that it harbours.

Munich: A City of Hidden Wonders

Munich, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, also houses a secret marvel within its bounds. It was here, where tradition meets innovation, that The Illusionist Dry Gin was born. Initially only known in a select number of bars, its reputation soon expanded. Far from the ordinary, this gin carries the spirit of Munich’s hidden enchantments, infusing each bottle with a sense of wonder.

The Illusionist Distillery: Where Magic Meets Mastery

At the heart of The Illusionist’s story is its distillery – a place where magic and science (otherwise known as master distilling) blend seamlessly together.

Known for its pioneering spirit, the distillery crafts this unique gin using a meticulously selected array of botanicals and a secret ingredient that gives the gin its mystical blue colour. This innovative approach not only sets The Illusionist apart but also embodies the city's creative spirit.

The distillery ensures they source ingredients from suppliers whom they build long-term relationships with. Where they can, they purchase from farmers in local artisan communities which they believe ensures a consistency of flavour and quality.

So where does the magic come from? This is the secret ingredient which gives the gin its royal blue colour. Nothing particularly unique about that you may think…. But the magic occurs when a quality tonic is added. A totally natural reaction occurs, changing the gin from blue to a gentle pink right before your eyes.

The Illusionist Gin

An Ode to Mystical Botanicals

Mystical Botanicals

The Illusionist Dry Gin is not just any gin; it’s truly a drink full of complexity and mystery. Their carefully chosen botanicals, including rare flowers and herbs, presents a flavour profile as intricate as the craftsmanship behind it.

Each element is selected for its contribution to the gin’s enchanting character, from floral whispers to herbaceous depths, and a fruitiness which invite you to join in a sensory journey into the mystical.

It is a total of 16 botanicals which combine to create this gin. These include Angelika Root from Bulgaria, Cardamom from Guatemala. Chamomile from Egypt, Citrus Fruits from Spain, Mace from India, Cranberries from Germany, Ginger from China, Lavender from France and Lemongrass from Egypt.

The Enigmatic Bottle: A Vessel of Mysteries

The bottle of The Illusionist, whilst simple, is a masterpiece in itself, encapsulating the gin's magic. It stands as a beacon of intrigue, with labels that hint at the gin’s transformative nature and the alchemy of its creation. The design entices both enthusiasts and novices alike to delve into the gin’s mystique, hinting towards a journey filled with discovery and enchantment.

A Symphony of Flavours: The Illusionist Dry Gin’s Aromatic Alchemy


This is a gin which doesn’t hold back - unveiling its enticing magic from the first scent. It brings forth a bouquet which perfectly marries the earthiness of juniper to the delicate nuances of both lavender and citrus.

This prelude for the senses sets the stage for a palate where magic truly unfolds in layers – with a refreshing burst of botanicals leading to a complex interplay of flavours which entice and envelop the senses.

The mystical colour changing ingredient not only enchants with its visual transformation (which excites the eyes) but also adds a delicate floral note that tantalising the taste buds and elevating the gin to the realm of the extraordinary.

A Journey Through Cocktails: From Simplicity to Sophistication

The Illusionist G&T

The Illusionist G&T

Experience the magic with a deceptively simple yet enchanting serve. Mix 50ml of The Illusionist Dry Gin with 150ml of premium tonic water over ice, and watch as the gin transforms from a mysterious blue to a soft pink with a squeeze of lime. For the perfect garnish, wrap the zest of an orange around a rosemary sprig. This serve not only highlights the gin’s botanical richness but also its captivating visual allure.

Violet Martini

Violet Martini

Reinvent the martini with a touch of illusion. Stir 50ml of The Illusionist Dry Gin with 10ml of dry vermouth over ice. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a twist of lemon zest to accentuate the gin’s citrus notes, crafting a cocktail that’s as mesmerising in taste as it is in appearance.

Sky Blue Aviation

Sky Blue Aviation

A cocktail that give’s a nod to Munich’s busy airport. This is a cocktail which will certainly take you on a flight of flavour. Shake 50ml of The Illusionist Dry Gin with 15ml of Maraschino Liqueur. 20ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 5ml (a teaspoon) of Créme de Violette over ice. Strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a twist of lemon zest, or a cocktail cherry.

The Essence of Magic: An Invitation to Discover

The Illusionist Dry Gin truly invites you to explore the depths of its mysteries whilst offering a testament to the craft of gin making and the magical essence of its birthplace. Whether it’s enjoyed in its simplest form as a G&T or as the heart of an elaborate cocktail, The Illusionist Gin promises an adventure for all the senses which takes you away from the ordinary, and invites you into a world where each sip is a discovery, and every flavour a revelation.

Join us in uncovering the secrets of The Illusionist Dry Gin, where the magic of Munich’s distilling artistry comes to life, and the journey into the mystical begins. Available in both a mini 5cl and 50cl bottle, embark on your adventure with The Illusionist, and let the alchemy of flavours satisfy the senses. Why wait? Buy The Illusionist Gin now at