Arbikie Chilli Vodka 70cl

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Smoke and heat combine in this uniquely different vodka

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Arbikie Chilli Vodka

With a history going back through four generations, the Arbikie Highland Estate is a family owned farm located on the east coast of Angus (between Dundee and Aberdeen in Scotland).

In an area where the weather and seasons can be turbulent, the family plant, sow, tend and harvest - resulting in crops of quality, which have been grown with passion. Now, three of the family brothers (John, Iain and David) are the visionaries and driving force behind the Arbikie Highland Estate distillery - creating drinks with the same passion that their famly has farmed the land with through the generations.

To create their Chilli Vodka, they use their potato vodka, and home grown chipotle chillies. These are soaked in the vodka, imparting both their colour and flavour (no extracts, colourings or concentrates are used). 

This captures both the heat and smokiness of the chipotle chillies, and the earthiness of the vodka - creating a perfect blend of spice and flavour.

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Perfect Serve

Whilst we love the unique flavours in this vodka on its own (it's definitely a talking point!), it's exceptional in adding both depth and flavour to cocktails.

Try a Smoky Bloody Mary cocktail for instance. The chilli vodka means there is no need for Tabasco sauce. Just combine 50ml of the chilli vodka, 150 - 200ml of tomato juice, a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of celery salt. Stir, and garnish with a stick of celery.

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