Bulldog London Dry Gin 70cl

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Bulldog London Dry Gin offers a daring blend of exotic botanicals. A modern take on the classic London Dry, perfect for innovative cocktails.

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United Kingdom
London Dry
Flavour Profile
Citrus, Floral, Spicy


A Bold Reinvention: Bulldog London Dry Gin


Bulldog London Dry Gin redefines the boundaries of traditional gin with its bold, forward-thinking approach. Crafted with an exotic blend of 12 botanicals sourced from around the globe, including dragon eye, poppy, and lavender, this premium gin stands out for its unique flavour profile and contemporary edge.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

Distilled in the UK using a traditional copper pot still, Bulldog Gin undergoes a quadruple-distillation process that ensures its smoothness and depth of flavour. This meticulous craftsmanship, combined with the innovative selection of botanicals, makes Bulldog Gin a distinctive choice for those seeking a modern gin experience.

A Taste of Adventure

Bulldog London Dry Gin offers a harmonious balance of traditional and exotic flavours. The bold juniper base is complemented by the unique addition of dragon eye, providing a slightly sweet and peppery taste that distinguishes Bulldog from other gins. The use of lavender and poppy adds a floral softness, creating a complex, yet approachable flavour profile.

Versatile and Contemporary

Ideal for the adventurous drinker, Bulldog Gin is versatile enough for classic cocktails, such as the Gin & Tonic, as well as more contemporary creations. Its robust flavour profile makes it a superb base for mixologists and enthusiasts alike to explore new taste sensations.

Tasting Notes

A modern gin experience that challenges convention and excites the palate.

Aroma: A rich bouquet of aromatic botanicals with notes of juniper, citrus, and a unique hint of dragon eye.

Taste: Bold and complex, with a perfect balance of spicy, sweet, and floral notes, leading to a refreshing and distinctive flavour.

Finish: Smooth and lingering, with a subtle spice and floral aftertaste that invites another sip.

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Perfect Serve

Bulldog London Dry Gin shines both in traditional settings and when given a creative twist.

Cocktail suggestion: Southside: Combine 50 ml Bulldog London Dry Gin with 25 ml fresh lime juice, 15 ml simple syrup, and a handful of mint leaves in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a mint leaf for a refreshingly bold twist.


What makes Bulldog London Dry Gin unique?

Its unique blend of 12 exotic botanicals, including the rare dragon eye, sets Bulldog apart, offering a bold and contemporary flavour profile.

How should I serve Bulldog London Dry Gin?

Serve Bulldog Gin chilled or in a variety of cocktails to fully appreciate its complex flavours and smooth finish.

Is Bulldog London Dry Gin suitable for a classic Gin & Tonic?

Absolutely, its robust flavour profile enhances the traditional Gin & Tonic, providing a modern twist on the classic.

Can Bulldog London Dry Gin be enjoyed neat?

Yes, its smooth and complex flavour profile makes Bulldog Gin enjoyable neat or on the rocks, for those who appreciate the nuances of premium gin.

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