Doragrossa Selezioni Bitter 1L

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A delicious Italian Bitter, perfect for mixing

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Doragrossa Selezioni Bitter

Turin was once known as the capital of Liqueurs. It's location, surrounded by fertile land, rich in herbs, flowers and fruits, and its closeness to the port of Genoa where marketplaces were overflowing with exotic spices meant that many artisans gathered in the Contrada (district or quarter) Dora Gross and developed increasingly refined techniques and trades.

It's this nod to history, which is reflected in their name, and the botanicals they use which makes Doragrossa unique. Their Selezioni range of vermouth, bitter and gin were created to enable the creation of the most popular Italian drinks. These drinks are made for mixing, but flavourful enough to also be enjoyed neat.

A favourite behind the bar, a high quality Bitter (also known as "all'uso d'Hollanda" as it was originally known) has been the undisputed star of aperitifs and cocktails since the turn of last century. 

Made with Absinthe, gentian, rhubarb, sweet and bitter orange fruit and blossoms gives this delicious premium bitter its distinct taste. 

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Perfect Serve

Whilst this is easily enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif - we love this in an Italian Negroni (it was made for mixing after all!).

Take a rocks glass and add a few cubes of ice. Add 25ml of Doragrossa Gin, 25ml of Doragrossa Bitter and 25ml of Doragrossa Sweet Vermouth. Gently stir, and garnish with a slice or two of orange. Delicious!

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