The Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche 50cl

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Savour the refined Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche, a clear choice for connoisseurs. Ideal for crafting elegant cocktails.

The Dutch Microdistillery
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Illuminate Your Senses: Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche


Experience the sophistication of Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche, a clear expression of traditional absinthe with a contemporary twist. This premium white absinthe, meticulously distilled in the Netherlands, embodies a perfect balance of aromatic herbs and a smooth, pure finish.

Purity and Tradition

Dive deeper into the world of Absinthe Blanche and discover how the combination of clarity and traditional distillation methods creates an exceptionally pure taste experience. This section highlights the importance of pure water and fine herbs in the production process.

A Modern Twist on Classic Absinthe

Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche represents a refreshing approach to absinthe, where clarity and flavour converge in a harmonious blend. Discover how this absinthe appeals to both purists and adventurous drinkers with its subtle complexity and refreshing character.

Creativity in Cocktail Craft

Absinthe Blanche invites experimentation in mixology, with its versatile character that lends itself well to both classic and innovative cocktails. This section offers inspiration for creating enchanting drinks that highlight the unique character of Absinthe Blanche.

Tasting Notes

A refined and clear taste with a gentle spiciness and refreshing finish.

Aroma: Delicate with notes of anise and fresh herbs.

Taste: Smooth and pure with a light spiciness.

Finish: Refreshing and clean with a lasting aromatic impression.

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Perfect Serve

Serve Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche with chilled water for a classic experience, or try the "Blanche Elegance" cocktail: 40ml Absinthe Blanche, 20ml elderflower syrup, 20ml fresh lemon juice, topped with champagne. Serve in a flute for a sparkling treat.


What sets Absinthe Blanche apart from traditional green absinthe?

Absinthe Blanche distinguishes itself with its clarity and soft flavour profile, without the typical green colour.

Can I use Absinthe Blanche in any cocktail?

Yes, its versatility makes it an excellent choice for both classic and experimental cocktails.

Is Absinthe Blanche suitable for beginners?

Definitely, its smooth and accessible flavour makes it a perfect introduction to the world of absinthe.

How can I achieve the best taste experience with Absinthe Blanche?

Experiment with different dilution levels with water to find your ideal balance.

What inspired the creation of Dutch Microdistillery Absinthe Blanche?

The desire to offer a modern, pure version of absinthe that respects tradition while introducing new taste experiences.

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