Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey 70cl

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Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey combines the smoothness of Irish whiskey with the rich, fruity notes of French Calvados casks for an unparalleled taste exploration.

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Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey: An Artful Blend


Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey is a bold exploration of flavour, marrying the traditional craft of Irish whiskey making with the legacy of French Calvados. This offering is a testament to Glendalough Distillery's innovative spirit, and showcases a masterful blend of cultures and craftsmanship.

Calvados Cask Maturation

This whiskey's journey includes a finishing period in Calvados XO casks, sourced from the finest distilleries of Normandy in Northern France. The aging in these calvados casks infuses the whiskey with enticing, and complex notes of orchard fruits. This complements the grain's inherent sweetness perfectly, whilst adding additional layers of depth and character to the whiskey.

A Celebration of Heritage and Innovation

Rooted in the lush landscapes of Wicklow, Glendalough Distillery is known for its forward-thinking approach to whiskey. The Calvados XO cask finish is part of their rare cask range of whiskeys, and is a shining example of their dedication to pushing boundaries while honouring the rich tapestry of Irish whiskey history.

A Crescendo of Flavours

The Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey is truly a sensory journey which bridges the gap between Irish green fields and French apple orchards. It celebrates innovation, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of excellence

Tasting Notes

Embark on a taste odyssey with Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey.

Aroma: A captivating nose of apple pie, cinnamon, and vanilla, with a subtle hint of toasted oak.

Taste: The palate is rich with notes of baked apples and pears, butterscotch sweets and caramel, and a touch of pepper and oak spice, perfectly balanced by the smooth grain whiskey foundation.

Finish: The orchard fruits linger, delivering a long finish joined by just the right hint of spice.

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Perfect Serve

Enjoy this whiskey neat to appreciate its full complexity, or add a slight splash of water to open up its aromatic profile.

Cocktail suggestion: Orchard Old Fashioned: Muddle a sugar cube with two dashes of bitters and a splash of water in a rocks glass. Add ice and 50ml Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey, stirring gently. Garnish with a slice of fresh apple or a twist of orange peel for a refreshing take on the classic cocktail.


What makes Glendalough Single Grain Calvados XO Cask Finish Whiskey stand out?

Its unique maturation process in Calvados XO casks offers a distinctive flavour profile that blends Irish whiskey's smoothness with the complex, fruity notes of French apple brandy.

Can Glendalough Single Grain Calvados be included in a whiskey tasting lineup?

Yes, its unique characteristics make it a fascinating addition to tastings, offering a distinctive flavour profile that stands out among traditional whiskeys.

How should I store this whiskey?

Store it upright in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations, to preserve its quality and flavours.

Is this whiskey suitable for collectors?

Indeed, the innovative approach to cask finishing and the unique flavour profile make it a prized addition to any whiskey collection, appealing to both enthusiasts and collectors.

Has this whiskey received any awards?

Yes, this won the Meiningers International Spirits Award | Whiskey | Gold | 2022

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