Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5 Years 70cl

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Delightfully warm and rich, with notes from the sherry casks its been aged in - this is a genever with a difference

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Hooghoudt Aged Genever 5 Years

They say that good things come to those who wait.... and the wait for this delicious Genever is 5 years.

Hooghoudt have taken barrels which have been used in Spain for more than 20 years. These have been used to mature high quality Olorose Sherry.

But it's not just what was in the barrels that makes them special.....These barrels were made by a prominent 'toneleria' combining craftsmanship with the oak. The staves are allowed to dry in the open air. This ensures an optimal mixing of the flavours from the wood, the tannins and the liquid itself rested inside the barrel.

The base of the genever is a balanced grain mix. This consists of wheat, corn and rye. Using just the right mix of these, a malt wine has been distilled that offers all the essential flavours from the grain; the natural sweetness from the corn, the fresh taste from wheat and the spicy accent of rye.

Utilising these barrels results in a truly unique genever. For at least five years, the malt wine is able to absorb the flavours of the Olorossa Sherry and from the wood. This creates a perfect marriage in which the grains and the flavours of the barrel merge perfectly.

After this five years of patient maturing, Hoohoudt's Genever is aged perfectly, and ready to be enjoyed.

The result has a fragrance which has warm notes of currants and raisins (from the Oloroso Sherry oloroso). Warm spicy, light wood notes with a hint of vanilla, a touch of juniper, and the freshness of anise and the warm sweetness of toffee.

The taste truly fills the mouth. It's rich, with a spicy warmth, a hint of licorice, rounded out with soft notes of currants and raisins, figs and toffee. This leads to a delicious and lingering finish.

In short.... the contents of this bottle lead to a big smile!

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Perfect Serve

This is truly best enjoyed sipped on its own. Perhaps with some mature cheese of some figs.

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