Hooghoudt RAW Genever 70cl

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Hooghoudt RAW Genever 70cl

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Hooghoudt RAW Genever is a 100% malt wine gin with a fresh and spicy character. A full rich grain taste in combination with juniper and fresh herbs and spices. The gin is not aged in oak barrels, which gives RAW Genever the fresh character of a young gin with the body of a corn wine before it goes into the barrel.

RAW Genever is a pure example of craftsmanship. The alcohol in this gin is not the flavour carrier of the herbs like gin, but is formulated as a flavouring agent in which the herbs and spices are used to accentuate the taste style.

Tasting note
Fragrance: soft granular nose with the scent of juniper, tight fresh citrus scents with sweet-spicy tone, hint of anise, fresh herbs and spicy nose of the rye. In short, a fresh nose with ripe and spicy accents; fascinating and very complete.

Taste: full and freshly granular, freshness of citrus and coriander, small spicy sweetness, mouth-filling and slightly filming, soft and full of character. In short, a gener with a high flavour intensity, a little sweetness, minerality of the grain, citrus, nice spicy finish and yet soft.

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