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Martini Rosso, with its rich aromas and complex flavours, is a timeless classic among Italian vermouths. Perfect for any cocktail.

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Discover the Timeless Classic: Martini Rosso


Martini Rosso, the iconic Italian vermouth, has long been celebrated for its unparalleled quality and deep, rich flavours. This bottle is an ode to Italian tradition and craftsmanship, bringing together carefully selected herbs and spices to create a vermouth that is both versatile and complex.

The Art of Martini Rosso

Produced in Italy, Martini Rosso embodies the essence of Italian vermouth with its unique blend of local herbs, roots, and bitters. The result is a vermouth rich in tradition and flavour, perfect for elevating any cocktail or serving as a refreshing aperitif.

A Rich Flavour Experience

Martini Rosso distinguishes itself with its deep ruby colour and a complex flavour profile that includes hints of sweet citrus, clove, and cinnamon. This vermouth is the ideal choice for the sophisticated drinker, seeking depth and complexity in their beverages.

Perfect for Cocktails and Aperitifs

Whether you're creating a classic Negroni or a refreshing Americano, Martini Rosso offers the quality and versatility needed to elevate any cocktail. Enjoy it as an aperitif over ice with a slice of orange for an authentic Italian experience.

Tasting Notes

Explore the rich and complex world of Martini Rosso, a masterpiece of Italian distillation.

Aroma: Aromatic and rich, with notes of dark fruit and a symphony of spices.

Taste: Full and complex, with a balanced mix of sweetness and spicy undertones.

Finish: Long and satisfying, leaving a lasting impression of spicy warmth and subtle bitterness.

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Perfect Serve

Martini Rosso is delightful neat over ice or as a versatile base for creative cocktails.

Cocktail suggestion: Martini Rosso Negroni - Combine equal parts Martini Rosso, gin, and Campari. Stir over ice and serve in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with an orange peel for a timeless Italian cocktail.


Is Martini Rosso suitable for cocktails?

Yes, its rich flavour and versatility make Martini Rosso an excellent choice for a wide range of cocktails.

What distinguishes Martini Rosso from other vermouths?

Martini Rosso's unique blend of herbs and spices, combined with its rich history and Italian craftsmanship, make it a distinctive and beloved vermouth.

How should I best serve my Martini Rosso?

Martini Rosso can be served neat over ice, as part of cocktails, or as an aperitif, depending on your preference.

How do I store Martini Rosso?

For optimal flavour experience, store Martini Rosso in a cool, dark place and serve chilled.

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