Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky 70cl

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An unusual Japanese Malt Whisky from Nikka, which is made in Coffey stills

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Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky

The history behind Nikka Coffey starts in the 1960's, and comes from the expertise of the Japanese Nikka Whisky company. They have decades of experience blending whiskies, and creating white spirits. 

Whilst 'Nikka' is the name of the company, Coffey refers to the type of still used to create the base distillate. This is a traditional continuous still, which produces the signature grain whiskies of Nikka. These were imported from Scotland to Japan in 1963. 

With their Malt Whisky, Nikka have gone somewhat against convention. Coffey stills are used by most distilleries only in creating grain whisky. But at theur Miyagikyo distillery they use their two Coffey stills to create this Malt whisky as well.

Introduced in 2014, this is a whisky which is rich and full of flavour; definitely a welcome addition to their range of whiskies. 

This is a light amber colour in the glass, with a nose full of butterscotch, vanilla and sweet malt. Hints of caramel and winter spiced fruit also come through.

In the mouth the spiced fruits, vanilla and butterscotch also come through - as on the nose. These are joined by a maltiness, and nuts. It finishes with a medium length, not overly lingering in the mouth. The butterscotch, malt and fruit linger to the end.

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Perfect Serve

This can be enjoyed neat on its own at room temperature, or over ice. We liked this best with a large single ice-cube as it released additional flavours.

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