Pampero Blanco Rum 70cl

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Pampero™ Blanco has a richness that other white rums lack and is the perfect partner for a premium cocktail.
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Refreshing and Clean: Pampero Blanco Rum


Pampero™ Rum was born in Caracus, Venezuela in 1930, when Alejandro Hernández and Luis Toro changed the history of Venezuelan Rum forever. As entrepreneurs, they realized that the combination of available ingredients and the exceptional geographical and climatic characteristics would be the perfect combination to make a rum like no other.

A Pioneering Spirit

Alejandro Hernández and Luis Toro were true innovators, defining new ways of making spirits and setting the standard for aged rum in Venezuela, with a maturation process of 2 years. Aging the rum in barrels and utilising the heat and humidity of the the local area resulted in an unmistakable flavour, exceptional depth and smooth complexity which is now recognised the world over. 

The Pampero Process

Pampero™ Rum start by using only the finest sugar cane, which is mashed to extract the juice and then boiled and centrifuged to form the molasses, Yeast and water are added to start the fermentation process before the alcohol is triple distilled and aged in white oak barrels.

Unique Blending

Pampero™ stand apart from most rums, using a mix of rum styles, ages and types in their blends. Each varriant is blended differently, and have an overall roundness of aroma and taste, which is palatable and consistent.

Pampero™ Blanco Rum is a singular premium rum, crafted using a combination of 3 stills in the distillation process - the pot still, kettle batch and column still, giving a richness that other white rums lack. It takes 30 types of rum, an unrivalled mixture of light, heavy and semi-heavy spirits to create the ultimate mix of flavour and richness, which is then filtered, keeping all the flavours whilst removing the colour. Aged in white oak, ex-scotch barrels, this rum develops a backbone of robust flavours that work exceptionally well in the mix.

Tasting Notes

Pampero™ Blanco is a refreshing, clean and easy to drink high quality white rum

Aroma: Fresh and fruity.

Taste: On the palate, the fruity notes of blackcurrant, crisp green apple and banana are joined with sweet toffee and a hint of vanilla.

Finish: This young rum has a clean and refreshing finish.

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Perfect Serve

An extremely versatile white rum, Pampero Blanco is perfect for mixing in a rum cola, or for a classic Mojito or Daiquiri cocktail.

To make a light and refreshing Mojito, add 45ml Pampero™ Blanco, 8-10 fresh mint leaves, 25ml freshly squeezed lime juice and 15ml sugar syrup to a high ball glass. Add ice, stir to mix and top up with soda. For a special occassion add Champagne instead of soda for a delicious Mojito Royale.


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