Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl

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A deliciously balanced sweet sloe gin, bursting with fruity flavours

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United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Each autumn the sloe berries (a hedgerow fruit in the plum family) are picked and left to rest with Sipsmith's award-winning London Dry Gin.

The harvests vary each year due to the ever changing and unpredictable British weather. The result is much like a good wine, every vintage that is produced has its own wonderfully unique character. But every year it's always complex and bursting with flavour!

On the nose you immediately get a full aroma of redcurrants and ripe winter fruits, this has an edge of almond to it as well. On the palate, cassis comes through which is joined with cherry and a general full and rounded fruitiness. The finish leaves the mouth delightfully coated, with a velvet feel and a balanced sweetness.

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Perfect Serve

Whilst Sloe Gin has a reputation as a winter drink, this is certainly not the only time this can be enjoyed. Try with a tonic or ginger ale for a refreshing drink (50ml of the gin to 150ml of your chosen mixer). We like this with Double Dutch.

Or for a real summer drink, try a Sloe Gin Spritz. In a large wine glass filled with ice, add 50ml of the sloe gin, 10ml of port and 75ml of lemonade. Stir gently, and top up with 75ml of Prosecco. Garnish with a twist of lemon, and a blackberry.

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