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Savour the rich taste of Poland with Soplica Malinowa, a vibrant raspberry-infused vodka.

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Soplica Malinowa: A Taste of Polish Tradition in Every Bottle


Soplica Malinowa is a testament to the rich tradition of Polish vodka-making, offering a delightful fusion of premium vodka and the natural essence of raspberries. This flavoured vodka captures the essence of Poland's lush raspberry fields, bringing a burst of fruity flavour to every sip. Perfect for both traditional and modern drinkers, Soplica Malinowa is a celebration of heritage and taste.


Rooted in Poland's centuries-old vodka tradition, Soplica Malinowa is crafted using time-honoured methods and the finest ingredients. Its distinct raspberry infusion is a nod to the country's abundant natural resources, creating a vodka that is both authentic and innovative.

Authentic Raspberry Infusion

Soplica Malinowa stands out for its authentic raspberry flavour, achieved through the infusion of real fruit. This process ensures a natural and rich taste that perfectly complements the smooth vodka base.

Perfect for Versatile Mixology

Ideal for crafting creative cocktails, Soplica Malinowa adds a fresh and fruity twist to any drink. Its versatility makes it a favourite among bartenders and home mixologists alike.

Celebrating Polish Heritage

Soplica Malinowa is not just a drink; it's a celebration of Polish heritage. Its recipe honours the country's rich history of vodka production, making it a must-try for anyone interested in traditional spirits.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: An inviting aroma of fresh raspberries, complemented by subtle hints of vodka's crispness.

Taste: A harmonious blend of sweet and tart raspberry flavours, perfectly balanced with the smoothness of premium vodka.

Finish: A refreshing and lingering finish, with a delightful raspberry aftertaste.

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Perfect Serve

Enjoy Soplica Malinowa neat, on the rocks, or as a vibrant addition to cocktails and mixed drinks.


What sets Soplica Malinowa apart from other flavoured vodkas?

Answer: Its use of real raspberries in the infusion process, resulting in an authentic and natural raspberry flavour.

Can Soplica Malinowa be used in cocktails?

Answer: Yes, its vibrant raspberry taste makes it a versatile ingredient for various cocktail recipes.

What is the origin of Soplica Malinowa?

Answer: It hails from Poland, where it's crafted using traditional vodka-making methods and locally sourced raspberries.

Is Soplica Malinowa suitable for sipping neat?

Answer: Absolutely, its smooth and rich raspberry flavour is enjoyable on its own, served neat or over ice.

How does Soplica Malinowa celebrate Polish heritage?

Answer: It reflects Poland's rich tradition in vodka production and its bountiful natural resources, particularly raspberries.

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