Texelse TX Wodka 1L

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Soft, pure vodka with just a touch of cranberry from the Dutch Island of Texel

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Texelse TX Wodka

Stokerij Texel was founded by Jaco Spek and Kees Groenewoud, both of whom share a passion for the sea, Texel and the wad and for producing (and consuming) honest, quality local products.

Produced on the Dutch Island of Texel itself, Stokerij (distillery in Dutch) Texel create their classic vodka with a Texel Twist.

Made using as much local wheat as possible, they produce the alcohol base used to make their Vodka. To this they then add a small quantity of cranberries sourced locally in Texel. These are found in a number of locations amongst the Texel dunes.

The distillation is done several times before being purified through activated carbon. This ensures a soft, pure tasting vodka.

Lastly, the vodka is bottled in the iconic black bottles, which feature scenes from Texel.

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Perfect Serve

This can be enjoyed with a premium neutral tonic, such as Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic. 50ml of the vodka to 150ml of the tonic works well. Use plenty of ice, and garnish with a few cranberries.

For a perfect summer cocktail, try a TX Wodka Sunrise. Fill a tall glass with ice and add 150ml of fresh orange juice and 50ml of wodka. Pour in 10ml of Grenadine syrup, and finish off with a slice of fresh orange.

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