The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky (Batch 10) 70cl

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The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky is a celebration of Hebridean heritage, offering a complex balance of peat and maritime notes for a distinguished dram.

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The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky: A Hebridean Jewel


Discover the essence of the Hebrides with The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky. This gem of a whisky is distilled, matured, and bottled on the Isle of Harris, embodying the spirit and character of this unique island community. Indeed, it is even named after the Gaelic word for an inhabitant of Harris, 'The Hearach', This makes the whisky a tribute to the people and pristine nature of the Hebrides.

Crafted by the Sea

Every drop of The Hearach speaks of its origin – from the soft, peaty waters used in its making to the maritime climate that influences its aging process. Their whisky is a 'Harris Whisky', and as the distillery states “… we do not emulate other drams or regions”, remaining proud of who they are.

Whilst each batch is made using the same recipe, they are blended differently (using different barrels, and length of aging), which gives each batch its own individual personality. This batch, (number 10) consists of 12,058 bottles in total. This batch is made using whisky matured in 4 different barrels (Heaven Hill - 21%, Buffalo Trace - 64%, Oloroso - 11% and Fino - 4%). The maturation took a minimum of 4 years, and the marrying 17 weeks and 6 days.

A Legacy of Island Craftsmanship

The Isle of Harris Distillery, also known as 'The Social Distillery', is at the heart of the local community, reflecting a deep commitment to the Harris way of life. The Hearach is a testament to their dedication to creating a whisky that is not only of exceptional quality but also tells the story of its origin.

Even the box itself exudes craftmanship. It’s embossed all over, and includes a gneis-stone pattern on the front - which is  inspired by the stones near their water source. On the back are images of people from the Isle, which are randomly assigned to bottles.

The inside of the panels have a poem in Scottish Gaelic named 'Eilean Na Hearadh' (Isle of Harris), and a small book is also included with the story of the whiskey. A bottle coaster is also included in the box, which is created from excess materials that arise during the production process. 

A Whisky of Distinct Character

The Hearach is notable for its complexity and balance, offering whisky aficionados a taste experience that is both challenging and rewarding. It's a whisky that pays homage to the tradition of Scotch whisky making while firmly planting itself in the contemporary whisky scene.

Tasting Notes

The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky is an adventure in a glass, revealing layers of flavour and aroma with each sip.

The distillery themselves fo not issue “official” tasting notes. They advise:

"The elegant flavours of our whisky will be perceived differently by different people as they allow the complex character of our dram to unfold in their glass over time.

So, we won't issue any 'official' tasting notes and instead encourage folk to explore the scents and sensory experience of The Hearach single malt from a more personal point of view.” - Isle of Harris Distillery

They do offer a personal tasting note from some of the locals though:

“I get a gentle peat smoke on the first sip which reminds me of island home fires burning when I was growing up. It comes along with a toasted maltiness. I can also taste homemade apple sauce and smell machair flowers, particularly white clover which springs up on our west coast every summer. Mixed spices appear, and an old-fashioned sweetness from things like candied ginger, vanilla, and honeycomb. Finally, there’s a long, clotted-cream note, mixed with a lasting sense of new leather.”  - Shona Macleod, Carragreich, Isle of Harris.

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Perfect Serve

Enjoy The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky neat or with a drop of water to unveil its complex flavors and aromas.


What makes The Hearach Isle of Harris Single Malt Whisky unique?

Its unique combination of waters, maritime aging, and the distillery's commitment to island life create a whisky that's rich in character and flavour.

Can The Hearach be part of a whisky tasting?

Absolutely, its distinctive profile makes it a standout addition to any tasting, offering a unique perspective on Hebridean whisky.

How should I store The Hearach Single Malt?

Store upright in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. The bottle's seal should keep it perfectly preserved.

Is The Hearach suitable for collectors?

Yes, its unique character and the story behind its creation make it a valuable addition to any whisky collection, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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