Zacapa Edición Negra Rum 70cl

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Experience the richness of Zacapa Edición Negra Rum: an intense and smoky rum with a bold finish, perfect for the discerning rum connoisseur.

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Zacapa Edición Negra Rum: Smoky and Intense


Zacapa rum is named after the city of Zacapa in Guatemala, and was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary celebration of its foundation. Coming from the Aztec Nahuatl language, the name Zacapa means “on the river of grass. Proudly made in Guatemala, Zacapa Edición Negra Rum is a blend of rums aged between 6-23 years. They age the rum using casks that previously held robust American whiskies and fine wines, giving this delicious rum a complex and balanced sip.

The Process

Zacapa Rum is made using the first press of virgin sugar cane, instead of molasses (which is more common). By using sugar cane, it makes the rum sweeter and smoother. The yeast used during the fermentation process is derived from pineapples, which brings out incredible aromas and flavours, and through the distillation process the aroma and flavour charater and profiles are defind for each of the Zacapa Rums.

The Rum Journey

Master Blender, Lorena Vásquez carefully selects a range of cask types and styles for each rum to capture specific flavours and textures, and that will give the perfect colour. Zacapa Edición Negra Rum is aged using double charred American Oak casks. This creates a rich, dark rum with a smoky intensity.

Aged Above The Clouds

Zacapa Rum is aged 2,300 metres above sea level, allowing the rum to develop a deeper aroma and rich layeres of flavour. Their master blender, Lorena Vásquez explains that “Zacapa is aged at high altitude where the temperature is lower. The lower temperature also directly influences the oxygen levels which are lower as well, and this lower oxygen level aids in a slower aging process. The slower aging, allows for more time for the aromas and flavours to combine.”

Tasting Notes

Aroma: On the nose you there are caramelized fruits, plums and raisins with smooth smoky notes

Taste: On the palate, there is a delicious woodiness, with spicy and smoky notes, combined with the balance of chocolate and dried fruit.

Finish: It has a bold yet smooth persistent finish. 

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Perfect Serve

Zacapa Edición Negra Rum is best served neat, or on the rocks. It will also add a smoky twist to a classic rum cocktail. 

You could also use this rum to make a smokey twist a classic Whisky cocktail with a Negra Old Fashioned - add 45ml Zacapa Edición Negra Rum to a mixing glass with ice and add 10ml date syrup, a dash of aromatic bitters and a dash of orange bitters. Stir together and strain into a glass. Add orange peel to garnish.


How long is Zacapa Edición Negra Rum aged for?

Zacapa Edición Negra is a blend of rums that have been aged between 6-23 years.

What is the Sistema Solera Aging method?

Solera is a way to age rum to keep consistancy batch after batch, and is adopted from the Spanish way to age sherry. The process involes having multiple barrels to capture specific flavours and texture. When the oldest barrel of rum is finished, it is replenished with the next oldest, and so on. The newest empty barrel is replenished with a new batch of rum.

Can this rum be enjoyed neat?

Yes, it can be enjoyed neat, with or without ice.

Is Zacapa Edición Negra Rum suitable for classic rum cocktails?

Absolutely, it is perfect for a Mojito, and also for variations of classic whisky or gin cocktails, like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or a Negroni.

How should I store Zacapa Edición Negra Rum?

Rum should be stored in a tightly sealed bottle in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Stored this way, Rum will keep well for years, but the taste and quality of rum in an opened bottle will slowly change as it reacts with oxygen in the air. It is best to consume rum within 2 years of opening the bottle.


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