Aviation American Gin 70cl

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Soar high with Aviation American Gin. A groundbreaking spirit that turns the gin world upside down with its unique, balanced flavour profile.

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United States
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Citrus, Floral


Revolutionary Taste: Aviation American Gin


Aviation American Gin 70cl stands at the forefront of the American gin revolution, offering a unique take on the classic gin formula. Developed in partnership with bartenders, it delivers a bold yet supremely balanced taste experience that appeals to both purists and adventurous drinkers alike.

A Fresh Perspective on Gin

Aviation moves away from the predominantly juniper-focused flavour profiles to introduce a more democratized approach to botanicals. Lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla are just a few of the signature ingredients that give Aviation its distinctive, smooth taste.


Thanks to its versatile flavour profile, Aviation American Gin serves as the perfect foundation for a wide range of cocktails, from classic gin & tonics to more innovative creations. It encourages experimentation and provides a solid base for both new and traditional recipes.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

The production of Aviation American Gin is a testament to an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. Distilled by hand in small batches, it represents a harmony between artisanal traditions and progressive flavour development.

Tasting Notes

A harmonious blend of botanical ingredients, with an innovative twist.

Aroma: Complex and aromatic, with hints of lavender, citrus, and earthy notes.

Taste: Soft and balanced, with a rich texture and subtle spiciness from cardamom and sarsaparilla.

Finish: Clean and refreshing, leaving a lasting impression of refined botanicals.

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Perfect Serve

Create the ultimate Aviation Cocktail: mix 60ml Aviation American Gin with 15ml maraschino liqueur, 7.5ml fresh lemon juice, and a dash of crème de violette. Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


What makes Aviation American Gin unique?

Aviation American Gin stands out for its balanced botanical richness and modern approach to gin tradition, offering a refreshing and versatile gin experience.

Can I use Aviation American Gin in cocktails?

Absolutely, its unique and versatile flavour profile makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of cocktails, inviting creativity and experimentation.

How should I best enjoy my Aviation American Gin?

For the optimal experience, try Aviation neat with ice, in a classic gin & tonic, or as the base for creative cocktails.

Where does Aviation American Gin come from?

Aviation American Gin is a product of the American gin revolution, with a clear focus on innovation and quality in the spirit world.

Is Aviation American Gin suitable for gin beginners?

Yes, with its accessible taste and smooth character, it's an excellent introduction to the world of premium gin.

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