Bareksten Old Tom Gin 70cl

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A slightly sweeter gin from the Bareksten family of spirits in Norway

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Old Tom
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Floral, Spicy, Sweet


Bareksten Old Tom Gin

Produced by Oss Craft Distillery in Norway, Bareksten Old Tom Gin, like the rest of the Bareksten family, has been made to represent the true essence of Norway.

It is dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic in the look of the bottle, the aromas as you open it, and the taste when you drink it. 

Bareksten takes its inspiration from the Norwegian Forests. The long days of sunlight in the summer, combined with ample rain and warm weather ensure perfect growing conditions for a number of herbs and berries. These Nordic, natural and organic herbs, potatoes and berries form the basis for the unique flavour of Bareksten.

Slightly sweeter than their Botanical Gin, the Old Tom Gin has more subtle nuances and doesn't overwhelm with the juniper influence. On those nose this is distinctly juniper led, with earthy aromas and floral hints. 

The taste is full-bodied, with a pleasant spiciness to it. A delicate sweetness, and fruity notes linger through to the end.

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Perfect Serve

This is a gin which can easily be enjoyed neat over ice. It also works well in cocktails like the Martinez or Tom Collins which call for sweeter gins.

This can be enjoyed in the mix with tonic water, but for a little spice try with a ginger ale. We particularly like Lobsters mixers for this, but feel free to try with your favourite. Take a large glass filled with ice, and add 50ml of the gin. Pour over 100 - 150ml of your chosen mixer, and stir gently. Garnish with a thin slice of rhubarb, or some blueberries (frozen work perfectly).

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  1. Old Tom mmmm lekker
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    Via een tv programma deze ontdekt. Ik moet zeggen dat ik een zwak heb voor Scandinavische Old Tom.

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