Beefeater London Blackberry Gin 1L

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Quintessential British Blackberries marry perfectly with Beefeater's historic and classic gin to create something juicy and refreshing

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Beefeater London Blackberry Gin

The latest gin from Beefeater is a flavoured gin with a striking violet colour. The inspiration for this gin came from an archived blackberry infusion recipe which was created by the original Beefeater founder James Burrough.

It might be surprising to note that despite being an internationally reknowned company, Beefeater has stuck to its traditions and still distills in the heart of London on the banks of the river Thames. Their original recipe from the 1800's using nine botanicals (juniper, lemon peel, seville orange peel, almond, coriander seed, orris root, liquorice root, angelica root, angelica seed plus natural blackberry flvaours in this one), is still used to this day.

This is a noticeably different gin. It's almost juicy yet maintains the classic juniper, citrus and floral notes of Beefeater, but now with a long, refreshing finish. On the nose you immediately notice ripe, citrus fruits with an autumnal twist. Subtle geranium notes add a more floral complexity. 

Overall, its an elegant gin, with a slightly thick mouth-feel. Rich freshly picked ripe blackberries with a touch of leafy green notes. Different, but definitely Beefeater!

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Perfect Serve

To keep the flavours in this gin, we recommend drinking with a neutral tonic, such as Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water. In a large copa glass, add 50ml of the gin to 150ml of the tonic. Garnish with a few fresh (or frozen) blackberries, and a slice of lemon.

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