Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin 70cl

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Experience a delightful twist with Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin, a vibrant gin infused with natural strawberry flavours.

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United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin: A Berry Burst of Flavour


Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin is a refreshing and vibrant take on traditional gin. This 70cl bottle offers a unique blend of Beefeater's classic London Dry Gin with the natural sweetness of strawberries. Perfect for those looking to explore new gin horizons, Beefeater Pink provides a luscious berry twist that's both enticing and satisfying.

Natural Strawberry Infusion

Infused with real strawberries, Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin captures the essence of summer with its bright and fruity flavour. This natural infusion creates a gin that's not only visually striking with its pink hue but also offers a delightful taste experience. It's a perfect choice for adding a splash of colour and flavour to any cocktail.

Crafted with Passion

Beefeater's dedication to quality and craftsmanship shines through in their Pink Strawberry Gin. Each bottle is a testament to their expertise in gin-making, ensuring a perfect balance between the juniper-led classic gin taste and the sweet allure of strawberries. This gin is a true representation of Beefeater's commitment to innovation while honouring tradition.

Versatile and Refreshing

Whether you're enjoying a summer BBQ or a cosy night in, Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin is versatile enough to suit any occasion. Its vibrant flavour makes it ideal for creating a range of delightful cocktails, from a simple gin and tonic to more complex concoctions.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Fresh and fruity with a noticeable strawberry scent.

Taste: Sweet and juicy strawberries balanced with classic gin botanicals.

Finish: Smooth and refreshing with a lingering berry sweetness.

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Perfect Serve

Mix 50ml of Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin with 150ml of premium tonic water in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with fresh strawberries for an eye-catching and delicious G&T.


What makes Beefeater London Pink Strawberry Gin special?

Its natural strawberry infusion provides a unique and delightful twist on traditional gin.

How should I store Beefeater Pink Gin?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant flavour and colour.

Can Beefeater Pink Gin be used in cocktails?

Absolutely, its fruity flavour and pink hue make it perfect for a variety of colourful and tasty cocktails.

Is Beefeater Pink Gin suitable for gin newcomers?

Yes, its approachable strawberry flavour makes it a great choice for those new to gin.

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