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Tecán Tequila: A New Tequila In Town

Tecán Tequila is a new and adventurous drinking experience, founded by 3 friends from here in The Netherlands and is here to change your perception of tequila for good.

The combination of expertise, traditional methods and a lot of patience are key to making this luxury spirit, resulting in a flavour and quality that is a world away from the low basline Tequila that many of us have experienced. Made in Jalisco, Mexico, and made using only the best Blue Weber Agave, the full-bodied agave flavour comes from the 50 hour fermentation time. By extending the fermentation from the average of 10-12 hours, it gives a better flavour to this premium tequila.

Tecán Tequila is a delight for your palate, and to really enjoy the experience, sip slowly and savor the flavour - no salt or lime needed here.

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