Cane Island Single Island Blend Jamaica Rum 70cl

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A perfectly balanced, blended Jamaican rum 

Cane Island Rum
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Cane Island Single Island Blend Jamaica Rum

Cane Island Rum have made a delicious range of rums from some of the most iconic rum producing countries across the world. These authentic rums have all the rum characteristics from their origins and from the distilleries, upholding the traditions from a long history of rum production. Each rum has been authentically and tropically aged in wooden barrels. The heat intensifies the interaction between the wood and the rum contained within it, resulting in beautiful, aged rums.

Cane Island Jamaica Rum has a deep and complex character with 4 distilleries (Worthy Park Estate, Monymusk Estate, Hampden Estate and New Yarmouth Estate) in the blend. The style is a typical Jamaican rum with the perfect balance between fruity pot still flavours and the delicious woodiness from the barrel ageing process, each from 3-5 years.

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Perfect Serve

Delicious sipped neat, over ice or mixed with cola

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