Clover Lucky No. 4 Gin 50cl

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A delicate gin, with green tea and delicious citrus notes

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Clover Lucky No. 4 Gin

Launched in 2017, and made in Belgium, Clover Lucky N°4 is a more citrus take on the original Clover. It's made with locally grown and sourced ingredients, and they are proud that this is an original and Belgian product.

The three leaves of the Clover represent a number of things with this gin. The three sisters who own the company, and their memories of childhood running through clover strewn meadows. Their mother (a botanist), instilled in them a knowledge of herbs, flowers and spices - which sparked a love for all things flora. This knowledge and passion comes through in their products as well.

The initial aroma of this gin is perfumed with a delicate herbalness to it. When mixed with tonic, the initial perfume hit is lessened, allowing more of the herbal notes to come through. The taste is delicate too (and makes this a very easy to drink Gin!), with green tea and cardamom perfectly balanced with citrus notes from bergamot (a type of bitter orange crossed with lemon) and clementine. 

Being a slightly higher alcohol percentage (44%), it might be thought that this would be a harsher gin than the original Clover, however this is definitely not the case. A light herbal profile comes through at first taste, which develops into the more citrus notes. This doesn't make this a strongly citrus (or sweet) gin, but rather adds a freshness and lightness to the drink. There is the mild hint of green tea throughout the gin, which works well at bringing it together as a whole. The end is delicate again, yet somehow also rich and warming (definitely not harsh though).

Interestingly, the juniper notes in this gin are present, but not in any way overpowering, and more as a hint at a background taste. To this end, if may not be one for those who really like the juniper, pine and woody notes of a more classic gin. 

This is a really easy gin to drink, especially for those new to the world of gin. The taste is subtle, and can easily be enjoyed without any of the flavours fighting on the tastebuds. Definitely one we would recommend trying as its very unique!

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Perfect Serve

This is one of the most pleasant, and easy to drink gins we have tried. It's delicate profile means this really is easy to drink neat over ice (maybe a little too easy though... so watch how quickly the bottle goes down!).

However, it's definitely worth trying mixed with a neutral tonic such as Three Cents Tonic Water. This really is a delicate gin family as a whole, and any of the flavoured gins could easily overpower what is already a delicious drink! In a good sized glass with plenty of ice, mix 50ml of the gin with 150ml of your chosen tonic. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit (which enhances the citrus profile of the gin), and a sprig of rosemary (which heightens the herbal notes). 

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