Gustav Metsä Gin (Mini) 5cl

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An homage to Finnish nature

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Gustav Metsä Gin

Made predominantly with botanicals harvested from the Nordic fields and forests. In production, (among other things) spruce sprouts, birch leaves, and rowanberries are used. These Nordic treasures are aroma distilled delicately by hand utilising the more than 160 years of experience of the family company in Siikaranta Kuopio.

The Gustav distillery believe that high-quality handicraft and respect for the fine Nordic raw materials can be tasted in the end result, and we have to agree!

Gustav Metsä Gin was born out of the inspiration of northern nature, and it is a homage to the Finnish forest. It is a perfect example of their 'forest to glass' philosophy.

The Gin has a spicy, floral and juniper berry-like scent which carries you through the morning dew meadow deep into the shade of the summery spruce forest.

The flavour is multi-faceted, with both herbiness, cardamom and citrus freshness. Delicious!

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Perfect Serve

Mix with tonic to taste (we recommend Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water) over plenty of ice. Garnish with a few lingonberries (cranberries will also work if you can't find them) and a twist of orange peel.

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