Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin (Mini) 5cl

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It's the combination of juniper and blueberries that helps create the unique Norwegian taste of Harahorn

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Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin

A real craft gin, it is produced in small batches of only 300 litres at a time by Det Norske Brennei (The Norwegian Distillery), so they can carefully control the quality of each bottle.

The name of the gin itself comes from a Norwegian mountain in Hemsedal, which in itself is named after a fabulous (and perhaps mythical) animal, a hare with a moose horn. It should also be noted that no-one has yet seen it..... but the gin you certainly can!

They take great pride in the botanicals which they use to make this gin as well, with some of the world's most delicious berries and herbs from Norweigen nature used. Juniper berries from Røros, blueberries from Nordmarka, rhubarb from Grimstad, bladder tang from Skagerrak, kvann from Oppdal and mint from Sunndal are all added to the recipe with Norwegian potato spirit to give a total of 16 botanicals.

It has a pleasantly cool aroma on the nose, which gives clear indication of the juniper, but also hints of anise, some floral and citrus note. A dry gin, on the palate the juniper is very pronounced (as it hinted at by the aroma), but also delicious berry notes, and a little citrus. The juniper goes through to the end, and the finish gives a note of mint.

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Perfect Serve

Having such a distinct, and berry flavour profile, this can quite easily be enjoyed over ice as a sipping gin.

However, for a classic gin tonic, we recommend with Three Cents Tonic Water (this tonic is very neutral, so doesn't overpower the flavours in the gin). In a large glass filled with ice, add 50ml of gin to 200ml of tonic. Garnish with fresh blueberries, and a twist of orange peel.

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