Harahorn Norwegian Small Batch Gin (Mini) 5cl

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It's the combination of juniper and blueberries that creates the unique Norwegian taste
Det Norske Brenneri
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Named after a Norwegian mountain in Hemsedal, and with inspiration from a fabulous and mythical animal (a hare with a moose horn) that no-one has yet seen.

Harahorn is a real craft gin and with only 300 litres produced at a time, it allows maximum control over the quality and is made using traditional production methods of macerating herbs and berries and re-distilling.

Some of the world's most delicious berries and herbs from Norweigen nature are used. RÃÆ€™¸ros juniper berries, Nordmarka blueberries, Grimstad rhubarb, Skagerrak seaweed, Oppdal angelica and Sunndal wild marjoram are all added to the recipe with Norwegian potato spirit and 16 other botanicals.

Nose: Cool aroma characterised by juniper berries, anise, flower and citrus.
Palate: Dry gin with good filling and a touch of juniper, anise and citrus.

This potent gin is perfect for drinking on its own over ice.
For the perfect G&T, add a premium tonic and garnish with fresh blueberries.

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