Martin Miller's Gin 70cl

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With a creative balance of citrus and juniper this is a refreshing gin made using Icelandic Spring Water

Martin Miller's
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Martin Miller's Gin

This is a gin which is the creation of three friends (David Bromige, Andreas Versteegh and Martin Miller). Martin Miller wanted a gin which would enliven a category which he felt to be neglected. The through came in 1998, and the gin was launched in 1999.

A modern take on a classic dry gin, Martin Miller's uses the best traditions of English distillers. However, they add their own twist to it. They wanted a gin that ‘tasted of gin’ in the words of Martin Miller.

This is a pot distilled gin, which uses two separate distillations of earthy and citrus based botanicals. This imparts a perfect balance between citrus and juniper. The botanicals used with the gin are juniper, angelica, dried lemon peel, cassia, coriander seeds, dried lime peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, bitter orange peel and florentine iris.

Once the distillation of these botanicals is complete, the distillate is shipped to Iceland. It is here that it is blended to strength using Icelandic spring water. This water is renowned for its purity, resulting in no artificial demineralisation needed which further enhances the gentle bouquet and trademark sensation.

The result of the whole process is a gin which is smooth and citrus. It has an excellent balance where, like a "classic gin" juniper is dominant. Yet it has a citrus freshness which shines through. A gin that "tastes of gin" as the distiller says.

Overall, Martin Miller's gin has a junipery pine aroma, which merges perfectly with fresh lemon peel. In the background theres a delicate pepperiness. On the palate there is a very delicate liquorice sweetness, which works perfectly with the citrus which is forward on the taste, along with gentle spice notes. It's soft and delicate, and extremely smooth in the mouth. The finish is warming, very smooth, with lemon lingering.

In the words of the distiller: "Unconventional English Distillation of the finest botanicals, blended with the purest Icelandic water. Is it Madness or Genius?" - only you can tell!

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Perfect Serve

The premise behind this gin is "gin as it should be", so a neutral tonic works best - and we recommend Seventeen Tonic Water.

In a large glass filled with lots of ice pour 50ml of the gin and top up with 150-200ml of tonic. Garnish with a quartered strawberry.

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