Marula Gin 50cl

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Made from the forbidden fruits of the Marula (or Elephant) tree, this is a deliciously fruity and exotic tasting gin

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Marula Gin

The Marula tree grows in Namibia, and is also known as the Elephant tree. Elephants love to eat the fruit, but when in their stomach it ferments and makes them just a little drunk! (Apparently monkey's and giraffes like it too for a similar reason!).

Taking inspiration from this, as well as the delicious flavour of the fruit, a number of Belgian gin connoiseurs decided to create a new gin, and Marula Gin was born.

Using the marula fruit as well as other carefully selected botanicals (juniper berries from Tuscany, lavender from Provence, rose petals from Bulgaria, coriander from India and orange blossom from Spain) they have created a truly delicious fruity gin.

This is a really sensual gin and the fruit gives it an exotic feel

Good to know: For those of us that love elephants ([email protected] is a big fan), by purchasing Marula Gin, you are helping these magnificent creatures. In return for using the forbidden fruit of the elephant tree, Marula Gin supports Elephant Whispers (a safe haven for elephants in Africa) by adopting elephants.

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Perfect Serve

The best serve we feel, is a classic gin & tonic. Pour 50ml of the gin into a large glass filled with ice, and gently pour over 150ml of Fever-Tree Tonic water. Stir gently, and garnish with a few juniper berries and a slice of orange.

For the cocktail lovers, try a Drunken Elephant. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake together 50ml of Marula Gin, 10ml of sugar syrup, 15ml of lemon juice and 80ml of grapefruit juice. Pour into a large glass, and garnish with basil leaves.

Please, don't be like an elephant - drink responsibly!!

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