Nemiroff De Luxe Vodka 70cl Gift Pack

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A premium Ukrainian Vodka with a history dating back 150 years

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Nemiroff De Luxe Vodka Gift Pack

This pack contains:

1 x Nemiroff De Luxe Vodka 70cl

2 x Nemiroff Glasses

1 x Gift Box

Nemiroff De Luxe Vodka

With a history that dates back 150 years, the Ukrainian Vodka from Nemiroff is now present across five continents.

The production dates back to 1872 in Nemyriv (located to the south west of Ukraine's capital Kyiv). They still follow the same principles which were instilled when the company started; high quality, ancient recipes, as well as the constant search for improving the production process and finding new and exciting flavours.

With their De Luxe edition, they have created a vodka which reflects the original recipe. They use entirely natural ingredients, pure local water, and premium grain alcohol.

Their process used 11 different stages of filtration, and gives the finished vodka a refined, rich flavour with a light aroma of linden flower and vanilla. On the palate the flavour is smooth and full bodied, with a delicate hint of juniper which fades leaving a delicate and refreshing aftertaste.

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Perfect Serve

As a premium vodka, this can easily be enjoyed simply as a shot. Pour 20ml over ice and enjoy.

For a twist on a classic Negroni, try a Round 1 cocktail. Take a mixing glass and half fill with ice. Add 45ml of vodka, 15ml Jagermeister and 25ml of campari. Stir thoroughly until chilled, and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.

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