Shack Rum Super Spiced 70cl

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A beautiful dark chestnut coloured rum with strong botanical flavours and spiced accents

Buss Spirits
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Spiced Rum
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Spicy, Sweet


Shack Rum Super Spiced

Shack Rum begins its life in the Caribbean. The recipes are created using premium aged rum blends from Barbados, Guatemala and Trinidad and inspiration from the ancient heartlands of Haiti. Distilled from 100% pure cane molasses, fresh fruits and selected botanicals are then macerated in the blended rum, in oak sherry casks to release the dark and raw flavours.

Shack Rum Super Spiced started as an experiment. They wanted to create a premium quality mixer rum, when mixed in different cocktails would allow each of the botanicals to shine. It definitely worked and the result is a super versatile spiced rum. It has a natural sweetness, not just from the rum, but also from Madagascan vanilla, a citrus burst from lemon and orange zest and a hit of spiciness from ginger, star anise, cinnamon and nutmeg.

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Perfect Serve

Delicious when enjoyed neat or on the rocks but is a great rum for cola or a ginger mixer. 50ml of Shack Rum Super Spiced with 150-200ml of mixer should do nicely.  Why not try with The Artisan Drinks Co Barrel Smoked Cola or their Fiery Ginger Beer. Don’t forget the ice and add a slice or 2 of lime.

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