Soplica Śliwkowa 50cl

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A delicious vodka liqueur which is packed full of rich plum flavours

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Soplica Śliwkowa

One of the older brands of Polish Vodka, and Vodka based drinks, Soplica was created by Bolesław Michał Kasprowicz. In 1888 he founded Fabryka Wódek i Likierów w Gnieźnie (Factory of Vodka and Liqueur in Gniezno) - and in 1891 the first bottle of Soplica Vodka was produced.

 In keeping with their long history, the recipes developed by Kasprowicz himself are still used for Soplica vodkas and liqueurs.

With their Śliwkowa (Plum in Polish) vodka liquer, they took inspiration from traditional Polish recipes found throughout the country. Using only natural ingredients, and vodka from wheat and rye, they change the somewhat tart blackthorn fruits into a sweet liqueur which is packed full of flavours and aromas. A richness is brought to the drink too, through a genle period of resting after it's created.

The result is sweet and packed full of ripe plum flavour as well as a delicate touch of apricot and figs

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Perfect Serve

This is easily enjoyed as a chilled shot, or with a mixer to create a refreshingly sweet longer drink.

For something a little more fruity - try Soplica's 'Plum on an Apple Tree' cocktail. Take a tall glass and fill with ice. Add 50ml of the Soplica Śliwkowa liqueur, 15ml of lemon juice, 30ml of Sprite (or other lemonade), and 70ml of apple juice. Stir gently and garnish with a few slices of fresh applie. Deliciously refreshing, and not too alcoholic - perfect on a warm summer day

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