Wessex Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin 70cl

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The Wessex Gooseberry and Elderflower gin is fresh and fruity, making it a delicious as a G&T or mixed with something sparkling to celebrate.

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United Kingdom
Flavour Profile
Fruity, Sweet


The Wessex Gooseberry and Elderflower gin is created with juice from fresh gooseberries and is distilled elderflower in their vacuum still. This carefully extracts the delicate flavours in higher pressures but lower temperatures ensuring all the flavour and aroma is extracted.

To taste, the sweet and zingy gooseberry is perfectly matched with the fragrant elderflower. Citrus and earthy botanicals excite and add a depth and warmth to the gin. This results in a perfect bittersweet drink.

To serve, its best to keep it simple with a generous amount of ice, a double measure of the gin (50cl) topped with either an elderflower tonic or a light tonic of your choice and finish it with a twist of lemon. Use either 150ml of tonic, or 200ml depending on how strong you like your G&T!

Feeling fancy? Add a measure (25cl) to your champagne, prosecco or other sparkling wine to add an edge to your celebration.

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