Wessex Sicilian Lemon & Ginger Gin 70cl

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Delicious fresh lemon flavours accompany a mild warmth from ginger in this delicious gin from Wessex

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United Kingdom
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Citrus, Spicy


Wessex Sicilian Lemon & Ginger Gin

To ensure the best flavours in this gin, Wessex have sourced arguably the world's best lemons for this gin.

Using perfectly ripe Sicilian lemon, they hand-peel them and infuse in a vacuum stil along with ginger and their core botanicals. The vacuum stil ensures a quality flavour is extracted by using higher pressures and lower temperatures, protecting the essential oils.

This gives the gin a distinct and bright lemon aroma. With the main botanicals in this gin being the ginger and juniper as well as the lemon there should be no surprise that there is a sharp bite to this gin. This accompanies the warmth of the ginger, and gives a gin which has a smooth and slightly sweet finish.

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Perfect Serve

For this we recommend pairing with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic (a perfect pairing with the sicilian lemons). Take a large glass and add 50ml of the gin. a generous amount of ice, and fill the glass with the tonic. Garnish with a thin slice of ginger and a slice of lemon. 

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