Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin 1L

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Discover the regal splendour of Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin 1L, a premium gin with a blend of exquisite botanicals for a majestic taste.

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United Kingdom
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Citrus, Spicy


Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin: A Royal Gin Experience


Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin is a luxurious expression of the classic London Dry style. This 1-litre bottle is a rare gem in the world of gin, boasting a unique blend of botanicals that deliver an exceptional taste. Created for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Crown Jewel Gin is a testament to Beefeater's mastery in gin crafting.

Exquisite Botanical Blend

The botanicals in Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin are carefully selected to create a rich and complex flavour profile. This gin features traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander, and citrus peels, along with unique additions that set it apart. The result is a gin that is both deeply aromatic and wonderfully smooth, perfect for sipping or mixing.

Crafted with Distinction

Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin is distilled with the utmost care and precision, ensuring every bottle is of the highest quality. The meticulous distillation process captures the essence of each botanical, resulting in a gin that is not only flavourful but also exceptionally smooth. It's a gin that truly reflects Beefeater's dedication to excellence.

A Versatile and Sophisticated Spirit

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of an elegant cocktail, Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin is remarkably versatile. Its sophisticated flavour profile makes it an ideal choice for classic cocktails such as a Martini or a Negroni, as well as more contemporary creations.

Fun Fact: The name Beefeater refers to the Yeomen of the Guard (found at the Tower of London, and commonly called Beefeaters) who are a bodyguard of the British Monarch.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Rich and aromatic with a complex blend of botanicals.

Taste: Smooth and full-bodied with a perfect balance of juniper and spice.

Finish: Long and luxurious with a lingering warmth.

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Perfect Serve

For a sublime Gin & Tonic, mix 50ml of Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin with 200ml of premium tonic water in a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a twist of lemon or orange peel.


What makes Beefeater London Crown Jewel Gin unique?

Its exclusive blend of botanicals and meticulous distillation process create a distinct and luxurious gin experience.

How should I store Beefeater Crown Jewel Gin?

Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its flavours and aroma.

Can Beefeater Crown Jewel Gin be used in cocktails?

Absolutely, its rich flavour profile is perfect for crafting a wide range of sophisticated gin cocktails.

Is Beefeater Crown Jewel Gin suitable for all gin lovers?

Yes, its smoothness and complexity appeal to both seasoned gin aficionados and newcomers alike.

Can Beefeater Crown Jewel Gin be a gift?

Certainly, its premium quality and elegant presentation make it an excellent gift for any gin enthusiast.

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