Blacks Golden Rum 70cl

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A delicious robust golden rum, with aromas and flavours of toffee and candied fruit

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Blacks Golden Rum

Located on the Wild Atlantic Way (a scenic route in the south of Ireland), The Blacks Brewery was started in 2013. A family run company, it is owned and operated by Sam & Maudeline Black (hence the name!).

Their ethos was to create (initially) beers which weren't mass market. They wanted products with passion and personality. In 2015 they decided to expand and added a state-of-the-art distillery which allowed them to produce spirits as well. Their first was gin, which was followed in 2018 with the first Irish Rum, and then in 2020 with whiskey.

This cross-over also allow them to age their beers in spirit barrels, and vice versa - adding additional depths of flavour to their drinks.

With their Golden Rum Blacks made history in 2018, creating the first-ever Irish Rum. This is distilled from start to finish at their Distillery in Kinsale using the finest sugar cane molasses. This was received exceptionally well in the world market, winning Gold at the World Rum Awards - not a small feat for the first Irish Rum!

The inspiration behind the rum was the history of pirates pillaging and plundering the Irish Coast in the 18th Century. A definite male dominated 'business', that is until Anne Bonny appeared, becoming the most famous female pirate in the world. And where did she come from.... well, Kinsale of course, the home of Blacks. With their rum Blacks dont play by the rules either, they're innovative in their approach to distilling, and create a range which they feel warrant their name (and ignore trends in the market). This approach leads to quirky and delicious flavours you may not find elsewhere.

Their Golden Rum is matured in single Irish malt whiskey barrels (which aged Blacks' 12 year old Irish Whiskey), which makes it incredibly robust in character. 

The nose will immediately appeal to dessert lovers, with aromas of butterscotch, banoffee pie and vanilla maple syrup - as well as underlying candied fruit. On the palate it's velvety smooth, with rich toffee flavours complimented by mahogany, caramel coated nuts and a fruity, light to medium body. Delicious!

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Perfect Serve

This is delicious enjoyed over ice, and works well in the mix too. 

Try The Fashionable Pirate Cocktail. In a mixing glass filled with ice, add 60ml of the rum, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, 10ml of water and 10ml of Sugar Syrup. Stir well and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.

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