Bluecoat Elderflower Gin 70cl

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A delicious floral infusion of American Dry Gin

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Bluecoat Elderflower Gin

With their Elderflower Gin, Bluecoat have created a delightfully floral infused gin.

Using their American dry gin as a base, they steeped whole organic Elderflowers for two weeks. This is done at an ambient temperature, which ensures the delicate flavours in the flowers are extracted without destroying them with high temperatues.

The aroma is delicious. Whilst it still has the defined gin aroma with piney juniper and a touch of citrus, this is light and floral too. The taste is really something special, with a touch of citrus along with tropical fruit, melon and an earth complexity. The juniper is a little less forward in this gin too. The finish is fresh and bold, with a slight tannin note to it. 

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    Perfect Serve

    We love this as a Gin Tonic, mixed with a citrus tonic such as Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic. However, this also works really well in lemon-forward cocktails, such as a Vesper, French 75 or even a Martini

    Our favourite though is in a Clover Club. Take a cocktail shaker, add 45ml gin, 15ml of lemon juice, 15ml of sugar syrup, 3 fresh raspberries, 5ml of Dry Vermouth and 1 Egg White. Shake vigorously for 15 - 20 seconds, and then open the shaker and add ice. Shake again to chill, and then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a fresh raspberry.

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