Gordon's Premium Pink Gin 70cl

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Gordon's Premium Pink Gin offers a delightfully delicious burst of fresh berries, making it the perfect choice for colourful and lively gin-based cocktails.

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Fruity, Sweet


Gordon's Premium Pink Gin - A Vibrant Berry Celebration


Gordon's Premium Pink Gin captures the natural sweetness of strawberries and raspberries, along with the delicious tang from redcurrants. These are then blended with the finest distilled gin – to create this berry fuelled gin. Its vibrant colour and taste make it a standout choice for anyone looking to add a splash of fun to their gin experience.

The History of Gordon's

Since its founding in 1769, Gordon's has become one of the world's leading gin producers. Known for its commitment to quality, Gordon's introduced its Premium Pink Gin as a tribute to their original pink gin recipe from the 1880s. This included a splash of raspberry juice in the classic gin mix.

Infusing Fruity Delights

With their Premium Pink Gin Gordon’s have carefully balanced the natural sweetness of strawberries and raspberries with the tang of redcurrants to create this refreshing and fruity gin. This process ensures a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and flavourful, and whilst easily enjoyed year round its ideal for enjoying on warm summer days or incorporating into festive cocktails.

Inspiration for Cocktails

With its easily accessible flavour profile, this gin lends itself to creativity in creating deliciously fruity drinks. Its versatility makes it perfect for creating a range of drinks, from simple gin tonics to more elaborate cocktails that highlight its fruity profile.

Tasting Notes

Explore the fruity dimensions of Gordon's with their Premium Pink Gin.

Aroma: Sweet and inviting, with dominant berry notes mingled with a hint of juniper and fresh herbs.

Taste: Bright and lively, featuring a harmonious blend of juicy berries, tart redcurrants, and the classic undertones of gin botanicals.

Finish: Crisp and clean, with a lingering berry sweetness that makes it pleasantly memorable.

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Perfect Serve

Gordon's Premium Pink Gin is superb for crafting visually stunning and delicious drinks.

Serve it with tonic and ice for a classic experience, or mix it into a creative cocktail. If you like your drinks sweeter, try with rose lemonade instead of tonic.

Cocktail Suggestion: Pink Spritz: Combine 50ml Gordon's Premium Pink Gin, 50ml prosecco, and 25ml soda water in a wine glass filled with ice. Stir gently and garnish with fresh strawberries and a slice of lime.


How does Gordon's Premium Pink Gin differ from traditional gins?

Gordon's Premium Pink Gin blends the crisp, juniper-led profile of traditional gin with the sweetness and colour of ripe berries, offering a more playful and fruity alternative.

What mixers pair well with Gordon's Premium Pink Gin?

This gin pairs beautifully with tonics, lemonades, or even simply soda water. These all complement its sweet and fruity profile without overpowering its delicate gin base.

Is Gordon's Premium Pink Gin suitable for a gin and tonic?

Definitely. With its fruity notes it makes an exceptional base for a more fruity and flavourful take on the classic gin and tonic. 

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