Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin 70cl

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Experience the fresh zest of Sicily with Gordon's Lemon Gin. A citrusy delight for any occasion

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Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin: Sunshine in a Bottle


Discover the vibrant and refreshing Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin, a bright and zesty twist on the classic gin that will transport you to the sunny shores of Sicily.


Gordon's has expertly infused their classic gin with the natural flavours of Sicilian lemons, capturing the essence of this beloved citrus fruit in every bottle.

The Essence of Sicilian Lemons

Enjoy the bold, tangy flavour of Sicilian lemons, renowned for their juicy zestiness, which makes this gin a perfect summer refresher.

Crafted for Versatility

Whether mixed in a cocktail or sipped on its own, Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin is versatile, adding a bright lemony twist to any drink.

Inspired by the Mediterranean

Let Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin inspire your cocktail creations with its fresh Mediterranean flair and sun-kissed taste.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: A nose brimming with the zest of freshly squeezed Sicilian lemons, complemented by a hint of juniper.

Taste: A vibrant taste of luscious lemon with a refreshingly sweet and tangy character, balanced by the complexity of gin botanicals.

Finish: A crisp and clean finish that leaves a pleasantly citrusy aftertaste, beckoning for another sip.

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Perfect Serve

Serve 50ml Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin with 150 - 200ml tonic water (we like this with Thomas Henry Tonic Water) and a slice of lemon or a sprig of fresh thyme for a refreshing G&T with a Sicilian twist.


What's the best way to enjoy Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin?

Answer: It's perfect in a G&T or as the base for lemony cocktails, enhancing the drink with its natural zest.

Is Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin made with real lemons?

Answer: Yes, it's infused with the natural flavours of real Sicilian lemons for an authentic taste.

Can Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Gin be used in cooking?

Answer: Absolutely! Its lemony zest works wonderfully in culinary recipes, especially in desserts and marinades.

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